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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18, 2014


And with that, winter has arrived! It was very pretty in the morning, especially with my twinkie lights on, but I'm glad I didn't have to go out in the evening. The wind was howling!


I went back for more. Although I got a few things that I liked on Sunday with the members day, I kind of fizzled on energy and the crowd got to be too much. So I went in for a quick look and got a few more things and now feel totally set for a while. Yay!


I was out for a walk yesterday and the hood was packed with cars up and down our main strip so the madness inside Value Village must have been wild. I decided to forego anymore shopping and went and got groceries at markets instead. I'm thrilled with what I already had so this was a win for me.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, that looks so BRRRRRish! I'm glad you didn't have to go out at night while the wind was howling too.

Shannon, I am so glad you got to go back! I'm curious, was the crowd worse on Monday? I assumed it would be but maybe I was wrong?

Regardless, so glad you got to go both days and feel like you really got what you needed for a while.

Shannon said...

What an awesome wintery picture Jamie! It's feels like it's starting super early this year. I hope the wind isn't as howl-y tonight.

Wow ... you went by but didn't go in VV? I'm impressed Suzie! I guess you got what you needed on the first round and have time for other shopping, woohoo!

I went in and out quickly on Monday and it was actually about the same as when we started on Sunday, which was very busy, but not insane. I went in the early afternoon, which is a pretty good time. Once it gets to after-work, it's madness.