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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014


I'm glad I'm still going out into the garden so that I can keep an eye on my bulbs. Despite the rocks, the sticks and even the bunny, a squirrel has gotten one of them! The tally so far? Jamie: 24. Squirrel: 1. Let's hope I keep winning!


So. The CBC retweeted me. WOOHOO!


Reg noticed a fairy ring on our front lawn! With the crazy full moon and eclipse, the energy has been really weird lately but this made me happy. Maybe it was fairies who stole our gardening equipment?


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wooot!! Shannon, that is so awesome. Very, very cool!

And wow, Suzie, that looks like a fairy heart! That has GOT to be a good sign!

Suzie Ridler said...

I had no idea squirrels ate bulbs! Hopefully that bunny and all your efforts will keep the rest protected Jamie.

Shannon, that is AWESOME!!! Love CBC, super cool.

Oh, a fairy heart? You're right! I'll take that as an extra blessing. :)

Shannon said...

GO Jamie! GO Jamie! And bunny keep those squirrels at bay! They must be really tasty for them to work that hard for 'em.

What's a fairy circle Suzie? Is it a circle of ...mushrooms? I can't quite tell what it is. But it sounds like good luck, so woohoO!

And yes, I was sooo excited to have the CBC retweet me. YAY.

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes, sometimes mushrooms grow in a circular formation and it's supposed to be a portal to the fairy world so you have to make sure not to enter it. It showed up out of the blue under the filling moon so I'll take it as a good sign, LOL.