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Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014


After a very full week I need some major couch time, good thing there was lots of TV to catch up on! One of the things I watched was Selfie, the loosely based on My Fair Lady new series that is about a woman who has tons of social media followers but real friends, and asks a coworker to rebrand her. It has some issues, in particular I'm not sure who it's targetting, but I certainly laughed while watching it and enjoyed the zeitgeist nature of the show.


Reg and I explored one part of our neighbourhood by going out and walking to one of the many libraries. We seem to be kind of distant from a whole bunch so we are exploring which is the nicest one with the best way to get there. One the way home I saw these metal mushrooms in someone's garden and fell in love with them. They reminded me of those mushroom drawings you did Jamie! I love it. Art is everywhere.

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Suzie Ridler said...

I hear ya Shannon, full week for us too and so glad you got some rest and TV time. What channel is Selfie on? I like the sound of it! I'm actually watching less shows than usual it seems. Everything seems to be on Monday nights!