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Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18, 2014


What an amazing creative adventure we had this weekend! It was so special to go to Auntie Laima's and do everything from make lipstick to learn how to thread a sewing machine! Suzie, I am so glad that you could Skype in and hang out all day1 That is truly amazing. I'm so glad we all shared this time together.


You both shared great pictures that captured the experience of the day of the visit to Auntie Laima's, so I thought I would share this snapshot of the recipe for the lipstick!


I loved getting together with you three yesterday! And I especially love this moment of the video because we are all so involved in what we are doing. I am writing down the recipe for making lipstick and there you all are making it! So wonderful, thank you for including me. :)


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Suzie, I am so glad you could Skype in! What a treat for us all to be able to get together this way. IT was a truly rich day!

Shannon said...

It was so much fun to all hang out together at Auntie Laima's! I still can't believe how much we did and what and adventure it all was. So many great new memories.

late add from me, recipe-style.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, so cool you got a picture of me in there on the computer too Jamie, LOL. That's awesome! And what an experience, a total whirlwind of the coolest learning. Shannon, I love that you took a photo of the recipe, that's awesome. What a very special day.