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Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014


I was out and about yesterday for errands and appointments and it was a stunning autumn day. Everywhere I looked there were trees in golds and reds and orange. I notice how much I need some red in the mix for it to really feel like fall. It was a great day to walk about, camera in hand and enjoy.


I found it very strange when GoodReads recommended to me The Girl with the Pearl Earring, not so much the book as with all the Those Books on my list it kind of make sense, but then I noticed it was because it is in "one of your favourite genres: Historical Fiction". Wha? I don't think of that as one of my favourite genres, in fact I can't remember every saying to myself "I should read some historical fiction, I enjoy it so much." Oh my. My reading life is being very strange recently! Or maybe it's just messed up metrics on the site.


I know this won't appeal to either of you but I made pumpkin muffins yesterday. I had pumpkin pie filling and wanted to use it up and made this super healthy and moist and yummy muffins with it. I was going to make chocolate ice cream but then didn't have proper ingredients so… there you go! At least I'll enjoy them.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's so fascinating, Shannon! If I translate that into movies, I don't think of you as being particularly fond of them either. I guess the "those books" set the tone!

It's great to see you baking in your new kitchen, Suzie! I hope the muffins are awesome. Just from the pic they look like they would be really moist. Enjoy!

Suzie Ridler said...

I love Ontario in the fall and yay! So beautiful, love the leaves Jamie and that you got out.

Shannon, could it be because you have been getting out some "classics"? Weird book time sounds interesting.

The muffins are awesome Jamie! Reg did not like the idea of them at all but when he tried them? Total convert! Can't wait to blog about them. Nice to finally have some foodie success in my new kitchen.

Shannon said...

I love the leaves pictures Jamie! It's quite amazing how many there are and how fall-y it makes it feel out there. Odd that red doesn't particularly come to mind when I think of autumn but it is hard to imagine that pic without it!

OH my pumpkin muffins. Glad you like em Suzie! I hope they turned out well. I love that your were planning between this and chocolate ice cream, that's awesome! Both are pretty Halloweeny! YAY to foodie success in the new kitchen :)

I think the Those Books totally messed up what Good Reads wants to recommend to me! I think the classics must have pushed that button, oh wells!