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Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014


This fall has been full of beautiful days, perfect for walking and exploring. This puppy thought so too - in fact, he constantly found the world so interesting that he did not (not even in the slightest) pay attention to a single thing that his very patient owner had to say.


Although I follow far fewer awards shows than I used to, I still love to follow The People's Choice Awards because you always know what it is: a popularity contest. The transparency is a welcoming factor to me for some reason. And I love that you can actually vote (no geo-blocking!), but then there are some categories where it's hard to pick favourites. Thank goodness for this round of voting you can select 5 choices!


Yesterday was supposed to be a crafting day but I got all frustrated. I couldn't sleep last night so I spent a ton of the day having to rest. Then, it just felt like I had no time because of all the cooking I had to do. Then, I wanted to spend time watching videos and prepping for my big trip to Michaels when I realized, it's official, my crafting room is just out of reach from our wireless connection. I ended up getting a headache and having to lie down. Again! I think there might be just too much pressure to allocate a day to crafting. And OMG, why did this publish???


Suzie Ridler said...

I agree and I feel that the audience are the people who know the shows best anyway. Hard call, even with five choices Shannon!

Shannon said...

What a cute puppy Jamie! I wonder if you'll do a puppies in the hood! Nice that he had a patient owner, I'm sure that makes a big difference. Maybe on a less interesting day he'll be more listening-oriented.

omg Suzie, that C3P0 is awesome! But, in response to the text I'm sorry to hear that the crafting day plan has been stressful. Maybe a whole day is too much? Or too much pressure? With regards to the signal, can you get a booster? You'll need the internet in that room, so I really hope you can find a solution.

And about the votes , maybe I'll just skip the next round of voting so I don't have to single out one fave!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's awesome you got five votes, Shannon. That section seems custom tailored for you!

Wow, that CP30 is so awesome, Suzie! I'm sorry the day felt so strained. Maybe a whole day is too much for crafting. Maybe it being a part of every day, like eating, is the way to go :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh puppies, they're so cute and enthusiastic but yes, no attention span, especially for discipline.

Thank you on the C3P0 enthusiasm! Yeah, a day devoted to crafting is too much pressure and with Reg home during the days on top of it (cooking), just not feasible.

I am trying to do a little each day now. I just get so tired by the time I get to it.