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Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013


Yesterday I got back to co-working with Tanya. Well, truthfully, yesterday we caught up over coffee but next week, next week, we'll get back to working, hehe. She had these amazing gelatinous balls in a bowl (LOL, I'm frightened of the searches for that!) that she had gotten at the Ex. They start off as little spheres but when soaked in water they become this amazing feast of delight!


I've been thinking (and handling) a lot of stuff lately.  Stuff as in tangible items.  What do I want?  What is mine?  What have I inherited, and if so from whom?  Where did they get it? And after thinking about all that I wonder how much actually thinking about it even matters.  This spoon is one I got from Mom.  I look in my cutlery drawer, and I don't know where any of my everyday utensils even came from, but when I pick up this bevel handled spoon, it feels different. I recognize it. I know it.  And it wasn't even mine.  And I keep grabbing it without even looking, when I got to make my tea. It's kind of wild how strongly we can resonate with items, without even knowing why.  At least I know it's a keeper!


Yesterday, hanging out with Shannon recording Hexed was definitely the highlight of my day. Still struggling when it comes to energy (and sleep). I did tape some of the crafts room to prep for primer and attacked some weeds in our lawn. We had it assessed to get it professional help and were told to remove it and start fresh with new grass. So Reg and I are tackling it ourselves. Yes, Hexed was definitely the best part of my day!


Suzie Ridler said...

Is that Mom's spoon that she used all the time? I've been thinking about that spoon, oddly enough.

It is so true Shannon! Some things resonant and others? Not so much. I love that you have been gravitating towards this spoon and that the energy is really there.

I have been experiencing that a lot with Mom's kitchen tools I brought home. I am even getting her poultry shears professionally sharpened and hopefully de-rusted.

Shannon said...

Oh no, it's not that spoon. It's just one of several she had that are this style. I do have 'her spoon' though, I couldn't let it go.

It's weird, I'm not sure it's residual energy but it just feels "right", and I'm happy to go with that. I think we were talking about that yesterday!

I had a blast catching up and chatting on Hexed yesterday. Maybe next week will be a more normal-length (er...shorter) episode. Love the collage this week, especially the pic of Chloe in that crazy hat!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I am always thinking about those kinds of things, Shannon. It's amazing where a spoon can take us! You know, I think that particular spoon was actually one we had at home. I remember the shape well and, if I'm right, I'm not surprised you remembered it in your body.

Whoa, Suzie, I'm trying to imagine what it would take to do the whole lawn with fresh grass. Wow. There's so much work at hand, no wonder you're struggling. I"m glad that you managed to get a bit done and also have Hexed as a highlight!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

OH, and another late add from me. Sorry I keep coming in so past deadline!

Suzie Ridler said...

Reg would freak over those balls! So cool and yay to catching up and having some fun and then easing back into work Jamie.

Shannon, I am glad you have Mom's spoon too and that one of her other spoons has turned into your tea spoon, that is lovely. Yes, going with the energy and flow, that's right. Good stuff, literally!

I had a blast too Shannon and yes, looking forward to next week. I am saving Ghost Mine for Friday night viewing, LOL. Isn't Chloe awesome?

Jamie, the company I spoke to said that our lawn wasn't worth saving, that it would be less expensive to get a new one than for them to try and save it. So, we are trying to save it as much as we can but it's hard. If we stayed, I would till the whole thing and turn it into a mini farm and orchard. Seriously. I would.

Shannon said...

Whoa that is a really fun pic Jamie! They look so awesome, and what fun that they grow! I wonder if they will be even bigger next week, hehe! And catching up is a good thing, work can sometimes way til next week, heheheh