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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013


Recently my art picnic friends and I decided to lend each other our brains :) by which I mean that every couple of weeks we'd do a Power Session on each others businesses, brainstorming at the stuck points or the growth points. I get to go first and today is my day! As I tried to prepare in the best way possible, I came up with these physical representations of different aspects of my business. It really helped me see the work and get a feel for what may be needed. I'm excited about what we may come up with today. (And yes, those are two mugs on my desk, LOL)


Okay, so technically this wasn't from yesterday but I did VLOG about it yesterday.  After a few months of not working on my SciFi Surprize Series I've jumped back on the horse watching not one, not two, but THREE films in the past week.  I think I may indeed be on the road to make my goal of completing this challenge in 2013.


This is a total cheat because I did not take the photo yesterday but to be honest, other than Hexed I slept most of the day. Have not been feeling very well so I thought I would share my one big recent accomplishment (which I know you saw on FB). My crafts room! It is primed. Took two buckets and weeks for me to do. As soon as I have a day without appointments, I will be starting the "cutting in" process with the colour all over the house but I really wish I could paint is seafoam green like I wanted. I have to remind myself, this isn't for me. Blah blah blah. Oh well, at least I am at least half done!

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Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I am always so impressed with your creative and organizational skills. It sounds like today you did amazing, so happy for you!

Shannon, I know, you have been a vlogging dynamo and love that you're back at the sci-fi surprise project. Awesome.