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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013


Yesterday was a full and rather exhausting day. I find on days like that walking is a blessing, giving myself some time to clear my mind and also physically tire my body so that I can sleep well. The added gift is photo ops! I just loved  happening by this lovely moment of hope and determination.


I tried really hard to clean this tupperware, but it was just too far gone and would not stop being a 'previously had broccoli' tupperware. Oh well! Sometimes you just have to let go :)


Of course I had a fabulous time recorded stART with you two! Which is good because I had just finished freaking out over my tripod when we started. You see that lever? It is supposed to tilt the camera head forward, which was essential for filming my video yesterday morning. But it tilted it left and right instead. I was so mad I just did the video which is going to look stupid and swore like a sailor.... But when I called Henry's I tried to remain calm and the guy couldn't figure out what was wrong but I didn't yell or cry even though I wanted to. Reg came home and figured out the problem in about five minutes. Turns out it is even more of a sophisticated tripod than I realized which is why I was so confused. Thank goodness for stART! Helped turn the energy of the day around for me.


Shannon said...

That's an awesome picture Jamie, and a wonderful sentiment. It makes me feel like anything is posssible!

Oh my Suzie, sounds like lots of tripod woes, or lever woes, but I'm so glad that you got it sorted and that it has much more functionality! Sometimes it takes some time to learn all about our tools :)

Ridler Sisters said...

Oh, Suzie, I'm so glad that you guys got that sorted out! And yay to stART shifting the energy - and for your composure with Henry's. Wow. I think a sophisticated tripod, even one that's been hard to figure out, might be the ticket to an awesome next step!

And in an entirely different direction, Shannon I'm sorry you had to let your Tupperware go, especially after doing all you could to free it of the broccoli-ness. It is true; sometimes it's time to let go.

Ridler Sisters said...

And I'm so glad you like the pic and the message, Shannon!

Suzie Ridler said...

It is a beautiful picture Jamie! I am glad you are walking and gently tiring out your body and being inspired all at the same time.

Shannon, it is hard to let things go Shannon! Tupperware included.

It was total tripod drama yesterday. I haven't looked at the video yet, hopefully I can make it use-able. Thanks for the support and inspiration!