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Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Photo: Little Bunny

Yesterday was my brother-in-law's birthday and so we headed over for a lovely afternoon of a traditional Dutch party which included coffee and cake in the afternoon and being sure to congratulate the whole family on David's birth! One of the treats of the afternoon was enjoying their range of pets - a cat, a dog and a visiting bunny named Buhney!


Jinx! I thought I would share this cutie pie pic of Jinx, even though it's a bit of a cheat as I took it on Friday! But she is so cute that I think it's okay :)


Because of Reg's eye we stayed home for most of the weekend but he did drive out to Henry's so I could get a new tripod. I have looked everywhere. That plate is gone as far as I can tell and they did not have a replacement. Other than that, we took it easy.


Shannon said...

I was wondering where the bunny appeared! What an array of pets and throughout celebration for David :)

I'm glad you got your tripod issues sorted Suzie, I'm sorry to hear they couldn't just fix the plate though - that's so weird. I hope this new tripod is awesome for ya!

Shannon said...

Oh, and late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

I didn't know they had a bunny! Love the name, LOL. Happy belated birthday to David and what a cute little guy.

Shannon, I think any cute Jinx or Gobo photo is always allowed. Thank you for that! Love them.

Thanks Shannon. I can't believe how stressful it all was but it's OK now. The tripod was so old and not popular that there was no way to replace the plate. The one I got is a Henry's brand so if that happens again, I should be able to get another one!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

The bunny belongs to a friend but is staying with them for an extended period of time. He was quite a hit at the party :)

Oh, cute picture of Jinx! That really captures how cute she is when she's all snuggled in!

Oh, Suzie, I'm so sorry that the tripod has been such a struggle. I hope your new tripod is a sturdy and true companion! May he serve you well :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh, that's why there was a bunny in the house!

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate that. I feel much better about it now. I finally said yes with I realized my writing gig would cover it. I like putting money I make by blogging into equipment. Helped me with my spending anxiety, LOL.