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Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013


A while back our Zellers turned into a Target and this weekend we went for the first time. The first thing I noticed is what they said in the papers - lots of empty shelves! That made me skeptical. Until I got to the kitchen section and then the women's clothes. Oh. Boy. Dangerous! There's a magical combination of reasonable prices with fresh design. I also had a big "aha" moment about home and how I get such great pleasure out of constant beautifying. It's just like with my wardrobe - I love good core basics and then a series of wonderful, fresh, beautiful additions and adornments. It lets me express myself and the constant attention helps me attach to my home.


This is my regular weekend tradition of working on TV stuff.  So funny because I had no idea how involved my system was until I realized it was all around me.  With some finales last week and new shows this week I think I had every permutation of something that happens.  It's mostly just a tracking system, and a lot of fun, but this week I realized it's rather developed and complicated!


As you both know, Reg and I went on the zombie walk yesterday. I took this screen capture from a little video that I put together of a zombie love story. Wow, I am NOT an actress at all, but it was fun to do and got Reg all teary-eyed. He loved it. We had a great time but it was so hard to do, physically. Totally worth it though but I think my days of being in a parade are going to be on hold for a while.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, we really do create a command central, don't we?

There must be something in the air with all this planning and preparation. I think it's called, "September."

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you got me all curious about Target now. I have been meaning to go and there is one kind of close so I am going to check it out. You are so good at beautifying, I am glad you felt that way there and deepened that realization.

Shannon, you are amazing. I love how you get so organized for TV in particular, that totally rocks and yes, this is the time of year to get organized Jamie.

Late add for me. I was recovering in bed this morning from yesterday.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I thought you were brilliant, Suzie. On camera and behind the scenes. There was something so right about the character you created. She had her own kind of magic.

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you Jamie! :) I really appreciate that. I really wanted to tell a story and I am glad she comes across as magical, I really wanted that "other world"-ly feeling.

Shannon said...

Awesome video Suzie! What an amazing way to spend your 13th Anniversary, totally loved the romantic-zombie-love! :)

And YAY to Tar-gay! Sounds like it's awesome, and there is something to be said for browsing and actually getting to see and feel things in a store before decided if you want them. I totally want to check it out, although it does sound rather dangerous :)