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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013


Well, I hope you'll let me bend the rules and share this photo badge by Paula. As I did my very best to work within my new schedule, as I did my very best to show up fully and work with focus and intention, it was such a joy and an affirmation to receive this beautiful gift from Paula. It's a heck of a journey and I am confident I'm on the right road. What brave little beings we truly are!


I noticed this awesomeness when I was out and about yesterday.  I wonder who did it, and how it's survived all the graffiti around it!


Yesterday was our official anniversary and Reg came home with these stunning roses for me. I had to rest most of the day and I still got a mini flare but these flowers make me feel much better.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you didn't make that?! I thought for sure you did, it's the perfect Pinterest pin which you would be so good at. Paula is a sweetheart and did a great job. Let me know if you add it to Pinterest and I will pin it too.

Shannon, cloudy, fascinating! A word that is legible and kind of poetic around the anarchy, that is awesome.

Shannon said...

What an awesome badge Jamie, and how amazing to be keeping strong to your new schedule and then receive a lovely connected to your work treat like this!

Happy belated Anniversary Suzie, the flowers are beautiful and totaly remind you and Reg's wedding.