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Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013


Yesterday I was still rich with the learning from the Power Picnic. I spent some time expressing that nspiration and clarity on my Project Board. The next step will be turning it into a plan and then making all of this awesome happen! So much to do - and so much to look forward to!


You never know who is going to visit or appear outside the window. I was very impressed with this squirrels lunch find and adeptness carrying it around, and stopping for a bite to eat.


You know you are tired when you find relief lying in the dentist's chair getting a painful cleaning. A moment to just lie there. Some guy left his cool hat in the front room. I did find out that a tooth that is bothering me is fractured so my medical odyssey is going to be longer than I thought.


Suzie Ridler said...

That is one darn cute squirrel and yes, very adept indeed Shannon! Love that nature is coming to visit you :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Suzie! I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. That's so difficult. Is that from stress clenching?

I relate to what you're saying about that moment to sit. I remember what a shock it was when I had to get an x-ray once for something potentially serious and I thought the same thing!

Clearly, it's time for some ease! I hope you find some soon.

Lol, lovely visitor, Shannon. How rude he didn't share! hehe

Suzie Ridler said...

You are so organized and it looks so pretty Jamie! And creative, that's amazing.

They think one of the cusps is fractured so I am going in two weeks to get a filling which 9/10 works. I can't afford a crown so... Yes, it's probably from clenching. I wear my nightguard every night too. I am looking forward to pain relief. That tooth has bothered me for years.

Yes, just like your x-ray experience! By the time I got there I thought I had to take a cab home I felt so horrible but just getting a second to rest (despite the pain and stress) gave me enough strength to walk home.

Shannon said...

I mis-read your words there Jamie thinking the next step would be "turning it into a play"; hehe although who knows maybe that still will happen! I'm so happy to see some much energy around the refresh and very curious to see where it goes!

I totally had a moment like that at the dentist one day many years ago Suzie. I'm sorry to hear more dental work is in store, but perhaps it will lead to more mini-breaks!