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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012


My peonies are so happy this year! They are so gloriously heavy and abundant that they are throwing themselves dramatically onto the lawn. It's definitely time for me to get those circular supports for these precious blooms (LOL, that suddenly sounds like a euphemism for buying a bra!) Until I get the support, my solution has been to bring them inside and enjoy! I had been blown away by the big beauty and then last night noticed the little bud had opened wide. I love the journey of flowers!


Oh that sneaky cat... here you can't see the action but there is the evidence as he eats my to do list! Sneaky sneaky!!

Under Our Willow Tree


Yesterday was a weird, weird day. I had to suddenly go to the doctor's (everything's OK, thank goodness) and Reg came home unexpectedly so he could drive me and it's so, so cold! I think it was below 10C when we went out. I was showing Reg my mock orange tree and how it is covered in blooms and my heart hurt a bit. As much as I struggling living here, it makes me sad to leave this tree one day. I feel silly writing that but I thought you two would understand. It has grown so much, been attacked by miserable bugs, overshadowed by the plant next to it and yet it is doing amazing. I am so proud of this tree.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Aw, man I wish I had picked a plant pic to share! I actually took a picture of a peony recently, there are some gorgeous ones on the way to the store and I talk to them when I go by. Hmm. that might be a bit odd, but they are so beautiful and the totally embodiment of abundance.

I totally understand Suzie! There is something so amazing about plants and trees and how centring they are of a time and place. I wonder if it would be possible to take it with you?

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that you talk to peonies, Shannon! (and that you recognize a peony, hehe, I feel kinda responsible for that, maybe).

Mr. Man! He could totally be on a Most Wanted Cat poster for tearing up the to-dos!

Suzie, I'm glad everything's okay health-wise. Phew.

And I really, really understand about the mock orange. I had no idea that plants and gardens could hold so many memories. If I had known, there are definitely things I might have asked for from home to put into gardens along the way!

Depending on where you guys go and how you guys travel, it's totally possible you could bring that beauty with you. If you come by here, you could leave it in my garden too. And if not, know that you have left your home more beautiful, spreading mock-orange love, and knowing one day you will have another to build memories around :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I think that is so awesome you talk to the peonies in the store Shannon! I talk to the birds on my walks all the time, sure people think I'm a crazy lady.

Jamie, those peonies are astounding! I am so glad they are doing so great this year. Are they one of the flowers you were worried about because of the new fence?

Gobo cracks me up. He really enjoys trying to be involved, isn't he? And he is a picky eater so he must really love your to-do lists.

It's so true, the connection was quite shocking for me, I wasn't expecting it at all. Well maybe I will take it with me. It's already 4 feet tall though! I guess it depends on how far we end up moving. Oh, I love the idea of it being in your garden Jamie if I can't take it with me! Thank you. Oh that makes me feel so much better, so why am I tearing up?!