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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012


I am so excited to be a prompt contributor to Rachel and Meg's The Secret Me Book, a follow-up to their wonderful Happy Book! I was thrilled when they asked me and just so delighted to read their kind words and then find my very own exercise for knowing and celebrating you! What a joy!


I've been feeling a little under the weather and trying to relax/rest which I thought I did yesterday (but actually only did for an hour), so I brain-tricked/bribed myself to rest or at least stop puttering by watching 2 films off my owned/unseen pile.


I had to go out yesterday. I knew it was supposed to rain but I had no idea it was going to be like a hurricane, the rain warnings came out after I left the house. I tried to wait for the rain to pass while I was at the thrift store for shelter but it just kept coming down harder. I got absolutely soaked as I walked home for miles.

While at the store I almost bought some clothing that I knew didn't suit me. I thought a lot about the style I like and that we talked about when I was visiting. I had also made this Victorian Goth Foodie doll earlier in the day. It won't be easy to find clothing I want but I know now, I don't want to spend money on stuff that doesn't suit my odd style. I did find a cool black mesh shawl though that kind of works so I bought that for $4!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. I'm glad you found a way to trick yourself into resting :)

And Suzie, oh, my, what a trip. Take care of yourself. We don't want you getting sick too! And yay to saying no to the things that don't suit. I hope you find lots of stuff that feels just right!

Shannon said...

Congratulations on being a prompt contributor Jamie! The Secret Me sounds like a lot of fun and what an awesome book to be a part of.

Good call Suzie on not buying clothes that didn't suit you - I know that one can be tough be way to go on sticking by it!

Suzie Ridler said...

What a serious nod in your direction Jamie. I would suggest that your site is TOTALLY magical though but then I am very biased. What a wonderful thing for them to do for you, so proud of you Jamie.

Shannon, I do hope that you are feeling better soon. Lazing (is that right?) around and watching movies while sick is a Ridler tradition. Good for you!

Oh man, I don't want to get sick either. Seriously trying to take it easy since that storm and yup, not going to invest in stuff that isn't right for me. :)