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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016


I am soooooo happy to have finished The Subtle Knife! This series is so great, but I got stuck on this book almost 10 years ago (jeepers!), and have had it sitting in hiatus-limbo for so long. That as an accomplishment feels great, but it's even better to have enjoyed the book itself. I didn't love it quite as much as The Golden Compass, but it was still really good and I can't wait to finish off the series. Only one book to go!


I have been working really had at adding lots of content to my site and created this super-fast video on a black bean dip I made. I wanted to get new music from Audio Jungle but it was all wonky so I used my superhero music which is way over the top but what can you do? Spent most of the day working on new posts and finished a couple of jewelry pieces but my exhaustion and nausea have been brutal. Guess it's a good thing my doc cancelled because getting to that appointment would have been bad news.


Shannon said...

I thought the music worked really well, Suzie! And wow, ... that dip looks amazing. oh my. Mouthwatering. Sounds like your day ended up being pretty busy. It's so easy to fill up the time when it frees up, eh?

Suzie Ridler said...

Way to go getting another book done! I wish they would do more of those stories as a movie. Oh good, you liked the music with the video? Thank you Shannon! Yes, that dip was amazing and can be easily adjusted to be made spicy.