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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26, 2016


The big overhaul continues at our place.We decided that instead of replacing one strip of tile that was dug up for the pipes, we'll replace all the tile in the furnace area in the basement. Who knew that it would be so hard to find tile we'd like for this project. Yesterday we made it out to a second Home Depot and came up with two options. We're going to go with the marble-ish one on the left. And Suzie, when we took the streetcar there we went by the Loaded Peirogi place!


I'm almost at the end of going through stuff, one of the final boxes was the box of stuff I had packed from Mom and amazing that one of the things was simply this lock which was for her storage unit and I still remember the combination to (and she used to call me to ask what it was). Odd the things that stick with you.


I have been thinking that my chronic nausea might be caused by dehydration so I have been trying different coconut waters mixed with juice to help. My life is so exciting.


Shannon said...

I like the tile you picked! I am always impressed with so much care you take to home choices Jamie. You are very committed to making good choices and it always shows. Way to go!

I mis-read that label as Kong Island, Suzie! I hope you can find a coconut water than you like, I know that's been quite the journey. Is coconut water better than regular water? I know it's sometimes used in smoothies.

Suzie Ridler said...

Both tiles are gorgeous! Nice Jamie and how funny that you now know exactly how to get to that pierogi place, I guess we're going now for sure. ;)

Shannon, did you attached that piece of paper to the lock to remind you which one it is? That's incredible you remember the combo, you are amazing.

Ah man, now I wish it was Kong Island Coconut Water! LOL. Yes, coconut water is more absorbable and hydrating than water. I drink water all day and it wasn't helping me at all. I had this concoction and felt better quite quickly. Still struggling with nausea but it's better now. I hide it in smoothies all the time. I'm even putting it in my morning iced coffee/Instant Brekkie!