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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016


Yesterday was a bit of an odd one. I had a great day working with my clients. Work on the front of the house has started, which is pretty exciting but rather disruptive for the kittens. It's amazing to see how they have adjusted though. With lots of encouragement, even Escher was doing okay by the end of the day! Shannon and I did a great power-hour of getting things done. In the evening I was looking forward to getting together with a friend I haven't seen in years but she never showed up. I still haven't heard from her and that has me rather worried. Maybe we just crossed wires. I did stumble upon a really wonderful store in Koreatown though!


I didn't take many pictures today, but I did take this after shot of post-Monday-Mania clean up! Now when we record I won't have a pile-o-containers behind me. I still have them all, they are just... relocated. Ah, little steps at a time. Little steps.


Had quite a busy day getting errands done (including getting groceries) and man, drivers were the WORST! We actually got into an accident because someone forced their car in front of us speeding and it was in a school zone. I wish I had my camera out for that one because I could have sent that photo to the cops. Yesterday we were at a main intersection at a red light when the guy in front of us just decided to go through that red light from a dead stop for absolutely no reasons. I can't believe there wasn't an accident. So glad we have food. Life in the hood via feet looks pretty good right now.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

WTG, Shannon! That's amazing progress. And d'oh! Now I feel badly for having to reschedule stART because you got yourself all sorted!

Oh no, Suzie! Was everything all right? What you're describing is just one of the reasons I haven't followed through with re-learning to drive! Ack. That must have been so stressful. Walking FTW!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh how odd about your friend Jamie, I hope she is OK! Glad the kittens are getting used to the construction.

You are doing awesome Shannon!!!

Normally we haven't had much of an issue with driving the lately, it's been crazy. The one good thing about driving in Toronto is it is always slow, LOL. Here people race and speed but the traffic in Toronto is so bad that that isn't as much of an option but I can understand why you're a little nervous about doing it.

Shannon said...

I hope you ended up hearing from your friend Jamie, that's unnerving when that happen. I love this picture though, looks like you found a neat little spot!

You guys got in an accident Suzie? What happened? Are you guys okay? Holy crap that is horrible.

It was great to have the motivation to keep getting stuff sorted, even if we didn't end up recording stART!

Suzie Ridler said...

We almost got into an accident, like, it was so close and Reg was honking the horn and breaking hard... In a school zone! Totally shocked us and yeah, Reg took the bus today and I'm good walking for a while. It was nuts.

Glad you were motivated Shannon and hope the organizing went well!