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Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016


I new book adventure I've been working on for a while has finally hit share-level. Or very close to it, I recorded a vlog and am working on an accompanying post and list for an exploration through science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction. I'm sure it won't come as a huge shock because I've been talking about book lists and reading a lot of these genres recently, and I'm just on the edge of sharing the list I'm going to be working with. And as a departure from other list-y things I've done, I'm going to keep the list dynamic instead of static. If I get more recommendations, or read stuff that I think qualifies, I'm going to add it. And on the other side of things, if I feel confident about not being interested in a book or author, I'm not going to feel the need to read it. Fingers crossed this will be a fun and invigorating journey!


Weird day. Went to the studio in the morning (ugh) to help with the clean up but no one was there. They had cleaned up really early so I walked over to the library and got some DVDs and picked up some BBQ pork buns for lunch. Been a tough tiring week. Needed a foodie treat.

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Shannon said...

How weird that the no one was there when you went o help clean, but bonus of free time as a result. I hope you got some good stuff from the library and enjoyed the pork buns. After a big event I always need some comfort food too.