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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014


The weather has been so awesome lately and the forecast said rain was on its way so I took my lunch hour to get out and plant bulbs! I'm so delighted that these have just sort of shown up on my path over the past week and perfectly in the colours that I love. I've carefully covered the plantings with chicken wire and weighted that down. In fact, I ran through the house yesterday looking for all of the rocks that I always bring home from the beach. See? I knew they would come in handy!


I've been totally hooked on listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, almost constantly listening to it from a playlist on Grooveshark. But then I realized, it's been well over a month of listening to it almost daily and I thought...why don't I just buy it? And I did. And I continue love it, and now can listen to it wherever I go!


Yesterday was hard. We went for two major shops yesterday. At the Superstore the pharmacy pickup for meds was a bit of a nightmare. I didn't want to go to Kin's but knew we had to get some fresh produce. I am so glad we went. I filled the entire container Reg is holding until it was falling over with product for just $50. I mean $1 snow peas and a bag of baby lemons for $2?! And get this. While we were there, Fur Elise was playing. Yes, classical music and not just that, the song I played infinitely at home. Again, it felt like Mom was there. I was so happy and feeling so great.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's awesome, Shannon! The music really rocked and clearly it spoke to you. Did you buy the soundtrack or choose the songs individually?

I'm sorry the outing started so rough, Suzie, but wow, did it ever turn around! Who would have thought that things would be so much less expensive? I saw Reg posting about how much utilities are down too. That's amazing on its own - but then add the magic of Fur Elise (I can hear it now).

That's so wonderful you're feeling so connected to Mom. I think she must be thrilled that you're back home :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, wow, that's serious planting, Martha Stewart would be proud and how cool that your beach stones are going to be in your garden. Perfect!

Shannon, it's a great soundtrack isn't it? I loved it in the movie and am so glad that you have it now to listen to all the time.

It's true, the price difference is just crazy Jamie. I knew I wasn't remember "wrong". I even wrote my friend Fran a couple of years ago to confirm it.

I have little moments where I feel so connected to Mom but they are happening less and less. I try and honour each one and let her know I hear her.

Shannon said...

What an exciting project Jamie and I'm so impressed you could do it over your lunch hour. Yay for new plants, chicken wire, and a plethora of rocks!

Wow, Suzie, now that is one heck of an awesome food shop. Great prices and music and memories and rememberances. That's beautiful. A great reminder than tough days and change and be good ones.