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Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26, 2014


Considering the beauty of the day and the construction on the street, I thought I would take my writing work down to the beach - what a great decision! One of my very favourite moments was when I was walking under these trees. It was very quiet, with almost no one around. And I kept hearing this loud sound, almost a cracking. It took me a moment to notice that what I was hearing was acorn after acorn after acorn falling from high above. I totally laughed out loud! I think all the squirrels are laughing too!


Journal and coffee-ing time! Funny how it was really errand day, but I only care about the journalling. I know that piling that on top of errands is pushing it, and it does make me a tired Shannon, but sometimes that's the only time I have to get out to journal. And I need that. Big time. So...YAY.


Yesterday Reg and I went out to some thrift stores on what is called "The Drive" here in Vancouver. They are on Commercial Drive which is a very hip area and I LOVED these stores! Especially this one called Mis'cel'la'ny. They did not have furniture which is what we are looking for (we NEED bookcases desperately) but I did buy a cute little copper-bottom measuring cup that is used probably for melting sugar. The store is the coolest! I could have hung out there all day.


Suzie Ridler said...

It's raining acorns! What a good idea to take the office outside Jamie and down to the beaches. :)

Shannon, impressive you fit the journalling in too Shannon which sounds like it's necessary. Finding a balance between errands and taking care of your emotional creative needs is a challenge.

Shannon said...

That's so amazing Jamie! The picture is so beautiful, I am so glad there are so many awesome tall trees to drop acorns one such a beautiful day.

That's so cool that you've fund yet another awesome area of stores to visit in Vancouver. I hope you find some bookcase soon Suzie, but until then bring on the kitchen curios :)