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Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014: Random


Well, this isn't so very random but so much happened this weekend I didn't want to miss out on sharing! On Saturday, Justin and I went to the Toronto Botanical Gardens. The weather was out of this world and the leaves just starting to turn. When we found this little spot, I was in heaven. I could have stayed here all day!


This was a pretty good random, I was really wanting a new game to play on my phone and Jamie suggested Snap Attack! Which is scrabble-like and wow I got whisked away playing it and listening to Songza's Hauntingly Beautiful station. Time felt like it stopped. Totally cool. Next time I want to take down the new words so I can look up what they mean, in addition to finding out they exist.


Reg and I went to Etsy's Marketplace Popup yesterday but while we were downtown we discovered the coolest vintage clothing store that has costumes and makes t-shirts. We got Reg a Futurama t-shirt but I also saw this design. I asked her if she could re-orientate the star to be upright and she said yes. I am seriously considering getting it.


Shannon said...

Is that a pizza star Suzie? If ... that is random! And wow you two are getting out to so much cool stuff and places in Vancouver, it's so awesome!

Another late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game, Shannon. It totally caught me. Have fun! And learn words, hehe!

Suzie, what a great adventure. I love your whole post about the Etsy market. I couldn't believe how much cool stuff there was and OMG the food jewellery - how you! I think you picked the perfect piece.

And yay to having such a cool store near you. I think this would be so cool with an upright star!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, and late (not so random) add from me!

Shannon said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture Jamie, it is mezmerizing. I still can't quite understand it but I love looking at it. Sounds like it was a great trip out!

Suzie Ridler said...

Woah Jamie, that is gorgeous! I mean seriously, fantastic. Glad you added the photo, I loved it! Shannon, you don't understand it?

Yes, that's pizza Shannon, LOL. The store is right downtown Jamie and I might go back for that shirt sometime, it's just so perfect.

Thanks for reading the Etsy post Jamie and I know, the food jewellery was so inspiring. The pendant was expensive but I knew it was the right one. OK, not expensive for an art piece, just because I'm cheap.

Love the sound of that game. Must find out if it would work on my iPad. Very cool Shannon!