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Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014


Yesterday was actually a busy and productive day and other then a bit of a storm cloud mood that swept in late afternoon, it was great. I had a meeting with my interns, Shannon and I recorded the podaversary and we got out to the art store to take advantage of a sale on craft paints! Last week we noticed the dearth of green in the paint collection we have so it made sense to get some. Hilariously, Shannon and I were attracted to entirely different greens - hers pure colour, mine very tonal. At under a dollar, we bought some of each :)


There is tons of new and returning TV to enjoy, and even though it starts off at 4 hours a week I absolutely loved watching The Voice. I love getting to hear the stories of the contestants, hearing new (or new-to-me) music, and the new judges this year are Gwen Stefani and Pharrell and they are both awesome. Fabulous way to start the weekend. And WAY better to watch via PVR!


Another rainy day… Another trip to IKEA! Much easier with a car! We got two bookcases (we had built-ins in our house so we really needed to replace them) and got this cool cube unit for our games and it fits perfectly under our dining room window. Which is going to be our gaming area.

I was looking through the IKEA catalogue and man, Mom was so ahead of her time. They have all these cube units now that you can buy and stack… Just like she always envisioned and loved. I've been missing her a ton lately and kind of seeing things that remind me of her everywhere.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's awesome you guys got out to IKEA and it looks like you picked up some great stuff!

You are so right about Mom. She really knew what she was talking about with the whole modular thing! I've been missing her a lot lately too, Suzie. She's really been on my mind. As have you!

Shannon said...

Now we are totally set with so many greens Jamie! I've been impressed with the freedom of using these premixed colours, and I'm a bit of a colour-snob so that's saying something! I'm so glad you spotted the sale and we really got our money's worth. I'm sure things will be Green-tast-tic from here on in!

It's wild catching up on your house adventures a few days at a time, and awesome to see you went from needed bookcases to getting storage solutions! Some things you really don't realized you need until the unpacking begins, eh?

Mom was way ahead of the curve on the modular units. I can't wait to see those suckers when they come out of storage! It will totally make me smile and think of her.

Late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

You two are so funny with the colours! It is so clear whose is whose and yay to art and podcast anniversary celebrations. And congrats on that too!

Shannon, that's awesome you're enjoying The Voice. I know a lot of people are crazy about that show and music you enjoy is always a good thing.

It's so true. We had no idea how much we depended on the built-in features of our house until we were drowning in books and notebooks and CDs…

Awww… Thanks Jamie. I've been thinking of you too and you too Shannon. And Mom. Now that the move is done, I feel like it's the first time I have had a second to really feel her absence and it's hard. It's always hard though.