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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014


Wow, what a first day in Holland! We drove up to northern Holland to a lovely town called Hoorn where we had cafe and croquettes and enjoyed the stellar view. Then to the Outdoor Museum, pictured here, where we saw recreations of past towns and homes all brought together in this beautiful spot. Idyllic, isn't it! Then we watched the sun set from the beach! 


Kicked back tonight and watched the entire 2-parter miniseries on Houdini, and really liked it! Adrien Brody was a great choice in the lead role, and I felt like I knew just enough about Houdini to know I'd be interested but not so much that I knew a lot of what was going on. That's the perfect mix for me with biopics.


It was a classic chronically rainy day in Vancouver on Tuesday. Not super heavy which is good because we got an all day pass for the bus so we could go to the apartment, get measurements, go to IKEA, back to the apartment… OMG, what a long day! It was also weird because the workers were on strike outside and so the restaurant was closed and they were open for limited hours. But we got blinds and curtains so it's all good. So exhausted though. Need a day off!


Shannon said...

OH my goodness Jamie, that pictures is absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely day. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of an Outdoor Museum. How intriguing. And sunset at the beach. Wow. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

You totally deserve a day off Suzie! That sounds like an epic journey of window dressings. So sad that the workers were on strike, and no Swedish meatballs, that must have been quite the disappointment. I am glad that you got what you needed though! That's important :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Isn't it beautiful, Shannon? You know, the outdoor museum was a lot like Black Creek Pioneer Village! You roam around these buildings and learn about the past!

Oh, Suzie, this is such an exhausting time. You're getting so much done. It's going to be awesome when you get settled.

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is so crazy-gorgeous! There is a softness and a gentleness to the landscape in the photos that you have been sharing that I just love. I am so glad the trip is already going so well.

Shannon, so glad you also enjoyed Houdini! I though Adrian Brody was fantastic in it.

It was kind of surreal going to IKEA like that but I am glad it's done. I really be glad when we have the car. It's amazing getting around so easily but I'm wearing thin.

Thanks Jamie! Turns out we have one more week in the hotel at least. Hope I get some rest time in now!