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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014


We had another wonderful art day this week! Last week it was so much fun using non-traditional materials to print and paint that we did it again! I absolutely fell in love with printing leaves. Mushrooms were really fun to use to. Hydrangeas are great for adding a bit of random dots and splotches. Every time we do a lesson or experiment, it's amazing how much there is to learn, not only about technique, colour, etc., but also about our own style and preferences.


Art Day! One of the weirdest, but cool, things about taking pictures throughout art day is that the images change so much, that you can snag a pic of an image that will now only exist as a picture and your memory of the moment. I love this moment, but it fleeted away and now lives underneath a lot of other layers of paint, and a lot of black, and you barely see this at all. Totally wild.


Reg and I did a lot on the weekend but the most important part for me was to try and get a grasp on my crafts room. I moved all my journals (holy cow I have a lot), books and photography onto my new Billie and off the floor. I made enough floor space so I can more another bookcase where the easel is. It's been quite overwhelming but it's time to take on a bit of this chaos and start getting creative like you two!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love this moment in your painting too! I'm so glad you captured it. It's interesting to start to think of art as a time-based medium in this way. Hmm....

Art day... always so much to think about!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, I am so envious of you both! You are having so much artsy fun, it's awesome. I love how everything looks, it's wonderful.

Late add from me!

Shannon said...

Is this the first time we did the exercise again? Wow, I think it might be! Talk about a good art day! I love this painted leaf Jamie, the colours are so you!

I"m thrilled to hear you are (literally) making space for being creative Suzie! And there is always that awkward stage of organization where stuff is everywhere, but it looks like you are working past it. Having a place for things to go is always a great start! as a time based medium. Fascinating!