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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Random Pic: April 20, 2014


As I was looking at my photos, I saw the folder for "A Day in the Life" 2004! This is where I was ten years ago. I'm still drinking from the same coffee mug (tucked behind the reference books) and that picture of Jinx and the hanging picture are in our living room. Other than that, everything's changed. Omg, does this mean we've been blogging for 10 years?!



Nothing says random like a cat pic, especially a sneaky one in between laundry loads on the bed one!


Reg and I FINALLY found a piece for the front hall area to be a focal point. I am going to add highlights to it so it stands out a bit more. I just wanted a photo of Reg carrying it to the car door when it turned into an accidental self-portrait!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, that is really impressive! What a find. I bet it's going to look just perfect.

Shannon said...

Wow Jamie, I had no idea where that pic was even from! That's amazing that you still have the same mug (I think I change mugs a lot, hehe). I remember starting to blog in 2006, but I was a little later to the blog game.

Awesome picture Suzie, what a wonderful accidental self-portrait and a huge relief to get something for the front hall - woohoo!

Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I can't believe you were never at my office, Shannon. That just seems weird, hehe.

I think you're right about blogging. It must have been a precursor of what was yet to come.

Mr Man looks very cozy for someone who was caught, hehe. It's almost like, "Yeah, I dare you to move me." Love Random cat pics!

Shannon said...

I totally can't believe I never saw your office Jamie! Talk about crazy!

Shannon said...

I totally can't believe I never saw your office Jamie! Talk about crazy!