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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014


It was great to get together for stART yesterday! I can't believe what a joy these books, pens and drawing has been for me recently! With so much on my mind and my plate, drawing leaves and flowers and mushrooms and circles, LOL, has been just the meditation I need.


I could have saved this for a Random pic but I couldn't wait! I was trying to take a pic of something on my compute, but this one was when...well, when nothing was on the screen yet! I think it's a fun one and I hope it isn't too creepy!

Blue Hawaiian Cupcakes


Here are the cupcakes I was talking about in stART and how I used my crocheted placemat as part of the photo. Oh and how I am adding text and a watermark to my images. I love using my own crochet in the photo and am going to keep doing that if I can.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, that photo and those cupcakes look truly amazing! How exciting to have made every element of that your self, Suzie! What a great idea to create an ideal setting for your foodie creations! And your logo and the words look awesome!

Shannon said...

Oh I wondered if those were new pens Jamie! You are certainly giving them a work out with all your drawing, it's so great to see!!

AWESOME pic Suzie, I love the title and the logo that you've added - it looks amazing! As does the cupcake and crochet runner (gravy boat!).

Late Add from me!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I think it's kind of magical, Shannon! Very cool picture.

I'm totally giving these pens a workout, LOL! I think I need some thicker ones though. This set is very, very fine!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that book looks so amazing, I totally want to check it out and love that you are so inspired.

No such thing as too creepy for me, I think it's super cool Shannon! And agree Jamie, kind of magical.

Thank you, glad you both like the additions to the photo. I've had a hard time adding stuff because I like keeping images "pure" but I am getting over that, LOL.

Gravy boat!

Shannon said...

I'm glad the photo read as magical (over creepy - I'll take that any day!).

I think you should get a set of the markers in every size Jamie! Wouldn't that be fun? :)

I'm sure you will find the Suzie the Foodie way with your pics and adding stuff Suzie. The image totally works, and has a great polished feel to it.