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Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014


I'm happy to say that I finally slipped into my new schedule and spent Friday writing my Sunday newsletter. This is a picture I took to include in it :) It was a bit of a moody day for me so it was good to focus on getting some work done and then hanging out with Shannon. I wound some yarn, did some doodling and got outside to loosen up my mood too!


Yesterday was another day of clearing out the house of donations and taking them to the thrift store. We also got other errands done. We tried putting the bathroom together but are having some tech issues that has become quite frustrating. All of this just zaps me dry. I know it's all good but I am left with nothing left to spare.


Shannon said...

Jamie, I was all did you take that picture...with your camera *in* the picture??? Whoa! The moodies did come out to play for a bit on Friday for sure, but I'm glad they eased up a bit and that there was yarnage, doodling and fun times!

Trying to figure out what kind of tech issues the bathroom could have Suzie. Hmm. Well I'm glad you got more donations to the thrift store, hopefully that feels good and lighter. Sounds like some rest might be a good idea.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Hehe, that's the gift of having a phone and a camera :)

I was wondering the same thing, Shannon! Suzie, I'm sorry that things are so exhausting. Yay you for getting stuff out. I hope that feels better too.