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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014


And the drawing obsession continues! I had so much fun scanning this and then adding colour with Gimp. So many new things to explore!


Monday still felt like the weekend a bit, and part of what I did this weekend was clean up a bit and get my VCR out, up and working. It's funny that I'm now already used to looking at it simply for the time, which of course is totally fuzzy in this picture!


Reg has really gotten inspired about the house and we got him a new desk (see right) for such a deal at Staples to replace the monster desk (see left). It has already opened up the room in a huge way and I can almost get to painting it. If I didn't know better I would say that apartment hunting is going to be a vacation in comparison to all this. But I do know better.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It looks like we're all feeling that spring motivation!

Shannon, your new setup is great. it feels efficient and spacious - and hey, you can even tell what time it is :)

Suzie, that seems like a really smart shift. That room is going to feel so spacious! Here's hoping that apartment hunting will be surprisingly easy! Here's to your new home!

Shannon said...

OMG Jamie I LOVE your drawing! That is so much fun! And it's awesome you could scan it and add colour. That sounds highly addictive, ... and delightful :)

I'm so glad to hear the energy to continue to prep the house is going well Suzie! And anything that makes space look more spacious is always a good thing :)

And yep...I love that I can now tell the time while looking at the TV. It's the little things... ;)