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Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013


Yesterday was such a great day! Justin and I took the day off work and went to the AGO to see both David Bowie and Ai Wei Wei. Both exhibits were fascinating and provocative. The David Bowie exhibit lived up to its reputation of being very innovative with recordings that started automatically as you came to an exhibit, sharing words or song from David Bowie and more. For me, that aspect was sometimes its failing. I felt overly directed and like I had no white space in experiencing a very full exhibit or time to chat with it with Justin as we went through. Likely with a bit more guidance on how to use the tech that would have been alleviated. Still we left with so much to think about, to chat about, to wonder about and, to me, that's the sign of a great exhibit.

Although yesterday was another big day of packing and receiving a HUGE amount of boxes, I was determined to be done by 8pm so I could watch the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries and then the season premiere of The Originals. Moving during Fall TV season keeps me strict on timing, lol! I take notes for a lot of the paranormal shows (gonna remember the lore, and who's who, what they are and how the rules work), so I had to prep *my* books! It was a good sit-down activity after clearing some more shelves. And I *was* done by 8pm! YAY!

Dang, just realized I forgot to write "2013" on my book!


Yesterday got totally derailed. The only big thing that happened was getting Call Recorder for my laptop. At least now I can do stART anywhere on it now.


Shannon said...

How exciting to go to the David Bowie exhibit Jamie! I'm very curious to hear about the experience, sounds like mixed review there - could you only go 1 way? I really like being able to wander and ponder while experience art. Context is good, but initial un-initiated reactions are also good :)

Yay to Call Recorder Suzie but I'm sorry that tech issues got in the way and derailed things :(

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Suzie, I'm sorry that it was a derailed kind of day. I hope everything's okay. That is great about Call Recorder. How exciting you can record stART anywhere now, Suzie! I'll look forward to seeing the views wherever you are!

When I first looked at your photo, Shannon, for some reason I thought it was a package to be mailed and I was so confused trying to read it, haha. Is Grimm back this week?

I definitely wanted more "wander and ponder" time at the Bowie exhibit. You are guided through the exhibit with an audio. The cool thing is that it's automatically triggered to start by what part of the exhibit you're in. The less cool part, especially at the beginning, is there is a LOT of talk that plays over and over while you're in the room but you're listening to those words while trying to read the words of the exhibit. I found that way overstimulating and very frustrating.

It was awesome though to be able to listen to the music while looking at related pictures, costumes and history. Some things were rather installation like and were very immersive.

So, yes, mixed reviews. I'm really glad I went though.

Shannon said...

OH wow, sounds like a wild exhibit but yes hearing talking while trying to read isn't cool. They should account for more "wander and ponder" time. I like that phrase now :)

Grimm isn't back until Oct 25 :) I have notes for several shows in 1 book, so some started this week (like Vampire Diaries and The Originals) but others not until the end of the month. I had to count out the pages to see which of the shows would fit best together, and then I coloured the edge of pages so I could easily find each of the shows.

Yes, I truly do create a system for EVERYTHING! Even my show notes :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I keep hearing about that exhibit on the CBC, I love that you and Justin went. I would have found that to be a tad overwhelming myself and I am no good at being directed. Still, what a new and profound experience it was!

I thought the same thing, I thought that was your list of stuff to watch Shannon! You are doing so great with the move and you always amazed (and humble) me with all your notes about the shows.

I finally saw the season finale of Vamp Diaries last night, wowed!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh and thank you both about yesterday and Call Recorder kudos. I organized my whole day around that event. I will not do that again. For anyone!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you finally saw the S4 finale of Vampire Diaries Suzie, now you are all set for the premiere and it will be way fresher in your mind.

For all the notes I take though, I don't always remember that much! I get some names here and there but the lore is so loony I don't know who can keep up!