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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013


I know Tuesdays aren't the day for rewinds but this really does represent the Thanksgiving Monday we had. We wanted to do something entirely different but still special and so had a day of caramel corn and DIY personalized pizzas - yum!! We also finally dedicated some time and energy to opening up the carousels of slides. Suzie, we started with the one I promised you we would and what a treasure trove! It's been a joy to experience and share these delights.


It was so much fun to have a slide day at Jamie's!  Talk about a day of things to be thankful for, so many wonderful family images captured over the years.


Yesterday was all about the Turducken product testing! Video, photos... Wow. It was quite delicious but I think I will go for the chicken apple stuffed one next time.


Shannon said...

What an awesome family portrait ! And I think it's totally fine to go rewind on a day after a holiday - it makes perfect sense!

I had so much fun this Thanksgiving with the awesome food, amazing company and so many slides to enjoy! And I even got sent home with leftovers -woohoo!

Late add from me ;)

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, another treasure indeed Jamie and you were right, those photos were all amazing and I had never seen them before. Or at least I don't remember them, thank you both so much! How did you scan them? I want to get these all printed, they're amazing.

So glad you both had a great Thanksgiving. A late add from me.

Shannon said...

They have more than 1 kind of turducken? I'm so impressed you tried it Suzie - looks like a lot of fun.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It was such a great day with the slides. It's exciting to go through them and to share. I don't think any of us has seen any of these. I've posted some at our family blog too. I wonder the most efficient way of sharing all of them.

Suzie, wow, that is clearly an easier way to do the turducken than to put it all together yourself! I'll be curious to read about your taste test! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.