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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013


I can't usually see the moon from my studio but last night I did and it was beautiful. It struck me as meaningful that the tree was holding the big beautiful moon right after she had released that yellow plastic bag.


Master....Master.....Master Control! I know you thought I was going to say Master of Puppets, but no puppets here...just peripherals. Computer peripherals to be exact. I didn't realized quite how many I had! The extra monitor is really an amazing thing to have, and something I'd never consider until it was just there and I'm already totally adjusted to having it. And this is a bit of a cheat because I didn't take this picture yesterday, but it sure was where I spent most of my day!


Yay! I did it! I made my own Italian sausages and am so thrilled. It was hell though. Mostly because all my tech equipment died. Going to that haunted houses fried my video camera batteries and now I have to order all new ones online. At least that didn't happen during Hal-Con! So I shot this with my PowerShot and then that battery died but at least I have some evidence that I did it. I made sausages and it was so cool!!! I bet Mom would be proud.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, I LOVE that photo! It's like the tree's fingers are cradling it in a circle like an orb. And how special after the tree was freed!

Shannon, that is a serious command control setup, I love it. OK, if you have 2 different monitors for the same computer, can you look at 2 different things at the same time?

Late add for me. Crazy-busy this morning!

Shannon said...

Wow Jamie that is an amazing picture! I had no idea what it was until I read your description and wow....that is an awesome Moon thru the trees!

Suzie it's so awesome you made your own sausages! I am marvelled at that! I am so sorry to hear your batteries are fried, but thrilled to hear you have time to get new ones before HalCon. It would totally suck not to have good ones there.

Suzie Ridler said...

LOL, Mom would have said the sausages tasted like shoe leather! OMG, so dry. I learned a lot though about what to do and what NOT to do.

It's true Shannon, can you imagine if they all died during Hal-Con? I would have been heartbroken. I just hope the news ones get here on time. The "expected delivery date" goes to Nov. 8 which is Hal-Con!!!