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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013


I went to work this morning and the plastic bag that has been stuck in our tree for over a year was gone. GONE! I had to open my door and stare for a while, looking closely, making sure it wasn't just wrapped around something or behind something. Once I was sure, I just about did a jig of delight!


The move is complete!  I'm still keeping a turtle pace as I unpack, as it's wisdom certainly saw me through the move itself along with so much help which I am so grateful for. I'm still getting settled but everything is a-okay and I can actually relax and sleep which is so divine.


I have kept this under wraps but today I am revealing my first sponsored recipe video! Sainsbury's (a huge grocery store in the UK) picked bloggers to make their recipes and I was one of them. It was very challenging personally (not feeling well, worried about disappointing them) but the recipe was amazing. I actually absolutely recommend it for both of you to try, just make sure to cook down the sauce until it is thick. This took 30 minutes for me. Oh I hope I did a good job. It is very different doing a video for someone else. I hope my own Suzie-style was still there.


Suzie Ridler said...

Yay! Oh that is awesome the bag was finally gone and your tree is free Jamie. I would have done a jig too.

Sounds like the wisdom you have incurred through the move is working well for unpacking too Shannon. I love knowing that you and Gobo can get some rest and relaxation into your lives now.

Shannon said...

That is so awesome Jamie! It's amazing how something like that can mar our view, I know the mostly-empty bottle that was on the neighbors roof beside me for the entire 2 years I was at my last place drove me bananas! Total happy dance for your new view!

Suzie I loved your video, thta did look like a pretty easy curry and definitilely looked super yummy! Taking on reviews can definitely be challenging, I hope you find a good rhythm that feels awesome for doing them :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Shannon, that would have bugged me too! And Jamie, the bag must have constantly taken your attention too, moving all the time. I am so glad the tree is now free.

Thanks Shannon! It was such a simple and tasty dinner, my favourite kind of recipe. I hope I find a good rhythm to doing the recipes too.