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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, 2016


Yesterday was an incredibly intense work day. I think the next 10 days are just going to be like that. I'm prepping for Planning Day, which is tomorrow. Plus I got stART done and the season finale for Creative Living with Jamie. 


'Tis the season! Clementines were not only at the store...they were on sale! I looooooove clementines. I will probably eat all of these before the week is out. I might even do a pic a day series to show their dwindling numbers :)


Today sucked. Everything went wrong. This is my kitchen before 4 pm. Ugh. Totally sucked.


Suzie Ridler said...

That photo of Shibumi watching you on the screen is classic! Sorry to hear you're so busy Jamie and damn, that stART episode came out fast, thank you for that.

Shannon, lucky you! I love clementines too and that would be fun to watch the numbers disappear in a photo series.

Shannon said...

That pic of Shibumi is so cute Jamie! How "nice" of her to keep you company. I can't quite tell if she is facing you or watching the podcast season finale!

Oh Suzie I am so sorry to hear you had such a sucky day. And how dark it is, so early! That is not fun.

Happy to report the clementine's are disappearing with ease :)