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Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 24, 2016


There has been such amazing progress with Escher this week! On Monday, he was sitting on my chair and when I went to sit down, he stayed! And then today, while I was working, I felt a cat jump up behind me and settle in. I assumed it was Scout or Shibumi but no, it was Escher! I could barely believe it. What a treat.


I's been a week of a lot of filming and podcasting and all that good stuff! One of the things I am trying to do before the holidays come full swing is catch up on my book reviews for this year. I am still working on ones from stuff I finished reading in the summer, including this sucker! I was really glad to get the video filmed and felt really good about it. Maybe it needed to wait until now for it to happen. Fingers crossed the rest of them feel just as good. I am pre-filming some stuff to so I can share some content over time in a little more relaxed manner. This one should be going up next week.


I managed to light a candle and do some yoga and try and find hope inside my heart that everything is going to be OK. The sun is down just after 4 pm these days. Lighting a candle is sometimes the best way to defend yourself against the dark. I have to keep reminding myself to do it. It really does help.


Shannon said...

That face! !!! It is so nice to see Escher sitting calmly with you Jamie. What huge progress to see him jump up to sit with you. One day he'll be sitting in your lap!

Wow Suzie, that sounds like a heavy day. I'm glad you were able to light a candle and find hope in your heart *hugs*

Suzie Ridler said...

That is huge progress with Escher Jamie, awesome!!!

Shannon, sounds like you're finding your rhythm and yes, things sometimes need to wait until their time is right.

Thanks, so dark here, so tough to deal with all the time. I try and remember that it was dark like this out east too and bloody freezing so at least it's rain and not snow.

Shannon said...

It's been getting dark really early here too Suzie. I don't usually notice it but this week I really have. When I shot the video with this pic, it was way later than I would normally shoot and I can totally tell because the pic is grainy. I hesistate to wonder if I should try and get up ... earlier... yeesh.