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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016


Despite the heat and feeling so busy, it was good to get out yesterday and get a haircut! I went from having it as long as I've had it in years to as short as I've had it in years. Truthfully, a little black bob cut feels like me. 


I'm continuing to try and treat September like a fresh start for good habits, and that includes art! I know I'll talk more art stuff on stART, but one of the things that was so nice (and helpful) to do was a chart of the colours in my watercolour palette... None of the dark ones were what I expected! This will be so handy the next time I pull them out to paint with them!


Yes, that is a bone keychain. Turns out my RA specialist has a sense of humour. Back one last time for some advice, updates and more blood work to be done but that should be it for specialists until December. I had to reschedule the tummy doctor again, this time for an afternoon appointment.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, that sounds like a great focus for September! And what a smart idea. You're inspiring me to do that with my version of that set. I often struggle with figuring out which dark is which!

Oh, my, Suzie! I'm glad you got your appointment done and got some good advice. Thank goodness a reprieve is on the horizon.

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I forgot to mention how awesome your hair looked today! So glad you got it cut and having it feel like you. I need to do that before I come for a visit.

Shannon, amazing how the dark colours surprised you and I love that you turned to art for this time of year for learning.

Yes, I need a break from medical stuff, just want to escape it for a while. Especially when they can't figure out what's wrong, it's so frustrating.

Shannon said...

I love the little black bob on you Jamie! It is such a great cut for you, full of life and stylish and awesome. This pic is great too, shows how crazy sunny it was. The heat decided to stick around for a bit longer, eh? Who woulda thought.

That is a crazy keychain at the doctor's Suzie! Never know what they will come up with, but a sense of humour can be a good thing. I hope the test are good and you can see your tummy doctor at a better time.

The darks of the watercolour set are really hard to tell apart! I highly recommend doing this, I found it so much fun :)

Shannon said...

Haha, I just realized the thing I did totally would have been a first exercise for an art class! Maybe I'm making up my own lessons this term :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you both like this cut too. I feel great about it :)
And yes, Shannon, I think you are!