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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016


It was nice to get back in the studio for a regular day!  My desk is super clear because I had to clear the way for a new hub.  Now I'm finding my way a bit, figuring out what should be where. The hub throws me off because I often take pictures in that corner. Time find a new spot this season!


Whelp, last night was the finale of American Ninja Warrior. It was a really fun show to watch throughout the summer, and although it was dialed up to 11 the entire show I really loved the enthusiasm of the contestants and the fans. It has a huge community following, many of which create or train at their own ninja gyms. So many of the people involved as contestants are extremely positive and supportive, which was an element I wasn't expecting at all for a competition show. Fun times.


I had a day on my own so I did lots of foodie stuff like make Reg's Mom's cookies, tried cooking squash in the Instant Pot... Was running out of things to write about. Got a ton done and am binging the latest season of SVU, will probably finish it tonight. I hope new TV starts soon, I can't take waiting much longer!

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Shannon said...

New hub goodness! I hope it's working out for you Jamie, and I hope you find a nice new nook for pics :) Amazing how we find our vignette spots, just like kittens find new cozy spots!

Those cookies look amazing Suzie! I am so curious to hear how the squash in the Instant Pot turned out. And I emailed you a what ton of TV... stuff starts coming back next week and keeps on coming all the way through October. Soon it will be creative PVR time for ya I bet!