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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016


I had a very full day yesterday! I was up at 5:30 to go to the gym. Came home and then headed out for my fall photo shoot at Fresh Collective. Had a wonderful time and left with two dresses! I decided to continue the shopping trend to see if I could get something for my photoshoot Thursday. I'm getting shots for my website, etc. I ended up getting just about my entire fall wardrobe! Then a trip to the post office, dinner and continuing to clear and clean here for tomorrow's autumn solstice - and family visits! I can say that I sure slept well, LOL!


This may not look that excited, but it gets me all super happy! Today I worked on more Summer to Fall crossover stuff, and I picked my plates, bowls and glasses for the season and put everything else up, up and away! It instantly felt better. And it didn't take that long! So glad to have worked it in.


I had a busy day of doing errands, making appointments... but I didn't actually have an appointment or a meeting which I do all week so I was happy to get a little breathing in and saw Reg out on the deck practicing guitar. So much to do before I leave on my trip but it is good to enjoy moments like this.


Suzie Ridler said...

So glad the shoot went great Jamie and so did the shopping!

Shannon, you have seasonal plates???!!! Wow!

Shannon said...

I love that you have a "Fall Photo Shoot" Jamie, because the description itself shares that it is a regular thing! What an amazing day to have, and to fill out your fall wardrobe to boot. Woohoo!

Yay for an appt/meeting free day Suzie! And what a great moment, you guys have a great deck! It's nice when you suddenly have that "ahhhhh" feeling. Awesome.

And YEP I have decided to switch around the dishes I use (and the clothes I wear) seasonally. I can only comfortably handle so much in my cupboards, so instead of ditching stuff I just put it up, up and away and then change it when the seasons change :)