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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20, 2016


After work we took one more trip out to look for a sofabed and this is the one we decided on. It seemed like the right balance of comfort, size and affordability. It's being delivered on Sunday!


Okay, I know this is almost exactly the same as yesterdays picture but I had to share it anyways! I started my epic journey of reading/watching all of A Game of Thrones today, and I continued to enjoy having a reading nook to do so. It's not 100% comfortable, but so far it's my best spot for reading and taking notes at the same time (while having a tea too!). I think I just have to be careful how much time I spend at it at a time... like everything. Man, moderation wants to be my friend SO BAD and I keep resisting. Maybe it's time to take them up on their offer to play.


Busy day with a meeting at the studio and then Reg and I went for a walk and had a mocha at Starbucks. It apparently is pumpkin season already!


Suzie Ridler said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the reading/watching of Game of Thrones Shannon! Cool to have a nook but I know, moderation wants to be my friend too. Not a fan!

Shannon said...

Fall as a flavour... that is an interesting sign! Ah, Pumpkin... I don't go for that but I always love the spices and flavourings taht go along with it. Here is to pumpkin season! I guess the fact I didn't put my Halloween Lantern away means now I can just put it up somewhere!

I'm really trying to picture moderation as a friend that really wants to play, and I keep slamming the door in their face. So far... it's not really working in any way, but maybe I'll find a way!

Suzie Ridler said...

It's perfect Jamie!!! I love the new couch!

I think that's what most people like too Shannon, that spice combination.