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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016


Now that the site is up we are turning our attention to getting the house in order. We have been living in chaos since the repairs took place downstairs. We're making some changes too and so we're trying to clear out whatever we can. I am surprised by how attached I am to things and the way they bring me back to certain memories. I was all teary yesterday when I put these away in the teak china cabinet top and just felt the presence of Mom, Grandma and Auntie Laima. That's what makes these treasures.


Monday was a bit of an odd day. Usually on Mondays I sort of plan the week and get things cleaned up, organized, in order, etc. But given it was the holiday I mostly wanted to just relax. On top of all that, this beginning of September always feels like fresh start time and that is the spirit I tried to take the day to, and with that I did physio and paired it with watching Star Trek: The Original Series from the beginning (again). It was good to do this, and it was really nice that my place is clean and clear enough to move the table to create floor space with ease. And for my efforts, I got a gold star Star Wars sticker. Woohoo!


The long weekend seemed to take forever to get here with me being stuck at home with a headache or waiting for the plumber to arrive and work on the pipes for the new tenants downstairs. We went to see The Raid 1 and 2 at a double feature at our rep theatre (OMG, so violent!) and Monday we went out to dinner at a gaming pizzeria for our D&D friend and I finally got to play the game Sushi Go. I had no idea what I was doing but it didn't matter, it was fun. Everyone was really nice and my pizza was crappy but it was nice to just get out to some place new.


Shannon said...

How wonderful that you've been able to tend to the house Jamie! I know it can be such a stressor when things feel so chaotic. What a wonderful set of treasures. It's amazing to see them all together :)

Whoa, that sounds like quite packed weekend Suzie, and all over the place on things to attend to and fun things too. Never heard of Sushi Go, looks run! And how cool is it that there is a gaming pizzeria! I hope you liked The Raid x2, I still haven't seen the second one yet but the first one was extraordinary, and yes, violent. Cool that a theatre was showing them!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that so looks like home and family, doesn't it? Yes, makes me teary eyed too. I'm glad you're able to get back to other things now that the launch is finally done Jamie. That must feel good although it's a lot of work too of course. I'm so curious to see how much will have changed since my last visit. Sounds like a lot!

Shannon, relaxing with the original ST sounds good to me! And I know what you mean about this time of year, I can feel the change in the air too. The weather here really suddenly turned around and makes it feel more like autumn is so close.

Yes, it was kind of a crazy weekend. Sushi Go was lots of fun, such a cute game. We did like both Raid movies. Reg was convinced you had written an article about the first one so I found it and read it and said, this sounds like a Reg and Suzie movie marathon! Funny, we even bumped into a couple of people we knew there which was awesome. The second movie is so brutal Shannon, I mean, OMG, so brutal. I'm not convinced actors didn't get hurt making it. I think it may have been the most violent movie I have ever seen. Been a long time I had my eyes closed for that long during a film! It was good though.