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Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016


Yesterday was the big day!! Kim, Shannon and I were immersed in a whirlwind of activity as the new site launched. It's been my everyday hardcore focus for an entire month. I feel so proud of it and excited too. I feel particularly proud of how my photography really has developed an artistic voice - and my artwork is on its way there too! And I'm particularly excited about the whole new way that the studio is working, with a new private studio space and its own school! It feels good and right and real, like an even more fully realized version of a true studio space online. I am so full of appreciation and wonder. Thank you both for all of your support and for understanding my absence during this devoted time. I truly feel like a caterpillar that's been cocooning.


Very busy day yesterday, and with having some internet woes I recorded some vlogs early because everything is taking forever to upload. It was a computer heavy day with lots of behind the scenes stuff here, there,.. everywhere! But in the midst of it I was able to do some recording and I often take a few pics in case all the thumbnails are horrible.. I may or may not used this.. no idea.. because videos are still uploading. But hey.. I have a pic just in case. AND I'm sporting my new lipstick which I'm really liking.


Not a super exciting day. Just got to the market to get some much-needed coconut water (my friend recommended this kind) and some foodie supplies. Getting a lot of rest still and watching way too much Homeland to recover from the Ex.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Love that pic of you, Shannon. Wow, that lipstick is perfect! Thank you for all of your help yesterday. I appreciate it so very much.

It sounds like it was good to have a bit of a less busy day, Suzie. It looks like you guys had quite the time at the PNE! You know, I still have never tried coconut water. How did you end up liking this kind?

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, your new studio is so you! I also love seeing all your artwork everywhere and photography, it's gorgeous and congratulations on the launch. What a big day!

Sounds like Mercury Retrograde has found you Shannon, what a bummer but I agree with Jamie, the lipstick is perfect.

I hide coconut water in my drinks: iced coffees, smoothies, juices... So I don't really taste them and so far they have all helped me out with my nausea so I generally just look for ones that are just coconut water and nothing else. That said, this one is not from concentrate which is always better for you in general.

Shannon said...

I love the picture there, Jamie! I feel like that bear is definitely welcoming us! It's been so amazing to see the new studio come to life and it's so wonderful that it's now open for everyone to enjoy!!

There are so many different coconut waters out there, you should do a post on your faves! I am glad that you have a show to enjoy while in Ex recovery mode, although I've never been able to watch more than 1 episode of Homeland at a time! Eep!

I'm glad the lipstick is a hit! Mercury retrograde can't take that away, lol.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words about the studio. It has really been an amazing adventure. I am still surprised at my own photography and artwork being on the site and that I feel great about it!

That's so interesting about coconut water. I can see the sense in hiding it. That's fantastic news that it's helping you feel better, Suzie. It's amazing what food can do.

And yay, lol, I love that even Mercury Retrograde can't take a good lipstick down!