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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016


It was good to get out and do some errands yesterday. I sent over a dozen journals out to girls around the world. I stopped by the vet and picked up some food. I discovered there's a new painting cafe in my neighbourhood (!!!) and I also so robots! What a great argument for being sure to get out and about!


I spent a huge chunk of the day working though the boxes of DVDs from storage, and I sorted each box to Yes, No, Maybe for keepers, donaters and not-sure-yeters. Most boxes ended up in this ratio of 2/3rds keepers, most of the rest to let go and a few unknowns. I did each box pretty quickly, but I don't quite know where to go from here. Should I make up some parameters or do another pass? Pack up likely keepers up or leave them out to keep sorting though? Should I keep stuff I'll rewatch, stuff that has some meaning to it, or just decide more abstractly? Do I just donate the ones I'm letting go or of try to find a good home for them? It's feeling more complicated than I anticipated, and I feel like I could pose questions over and over and over and not move forward. I'm a little stumped on all that stuff...but I am super impressed that I went through so many boxes in one day. It lead to MAJOR couch time afterwards!!


Suzie Ridler said...

Painting cafe? Robots? Jamie, your neighbourhood just gets cooler and cooler. Wonderful!

Shannon, those are all tough calls. Maybe for the ones you are unsure of you can put away for a week and see if any of them pop into your mind during that time in some way and then revisit it? I can see how exhausting that could be.

I dropped off my last sample to the lab and came home and just rested so no photos from me today. I did cut back on cable in a big way which is a major change for us but we're going to save +$900 a year doing so. I'll miss iZombie though. :(

Shannon said...

What an awesome picture Jamie, I love that there was just randomly robots in a storefront. Way to keep your eyes open and notice what's around ya!

Wow, that's a huge savings Suzie, with that much of a difference maybe you can buy single eps of iZombie... it's a bit of a shorter season one if I remember right. It's such an adjustment when you cut back, but it sounds like a lot will still be available. I hope you find a way to watch the shows you love!