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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016


It was so nice to spend some quality time with Justin this weekend. It's quite an adjustment for us with him not working from home. One of the things we decided to do for Easter Sunday was bake a loaf of bread. With a food processor it was quite a simple task to make rye bread with caraway. Pretty good for our first try!


The unpacking continue! I'm getting sooooooo close to done, and it's really hard not to push push push but I know I can't do that. So, slow and stead continue the race and this weekend saw me through lots of artwork. It's amazing how each image can bring a flood of memories. I will have quite the time figuring out what goes where. I have... quite a bit to go around!


The long weekend was pretty quiet for us except that we got to see Batman vs Superman. I'm so glad my expectations were super low because I enjoyed the movie. It was FAR from perfect and Jessie playing Lex was pretty terrible but I knew all that going in so I could have fun. Except when I yelled at people for using their cell phone to take photos with its flash to turn it the hell off. I like to think I was the superhero for everyone in the theatre for that moment. I also learned that no matter what, I *heart* Superman big time.


Suzie Ridler said...

You are doing awesome Shannon and yes, slow and steady wins the race but it's so challenging, I know. It's so funny, for some reason when I looked at this photo I thought it was of the paintings hanging on two walls at a corner, LOL.

Late add from me!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, that's so exciting to be close to complete! I'll look forward to seeing where you put your art up!

Suzie, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. We got out to see it this weekend too and I totally forgot to take a photo. I agree with your take on it entirely.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, and late add for me!

Suzie Ridler said...

Bravo! That does look like a great loaf of caraway rye, one of our personal favs too! And I was wondering how you were feeling about being working away from home now, that must be quite an adjustment. I love that you make food together, that's so beautiful.

Oh good! I was wondering if you two would agree with me at all about the movie, that's awesome.

Shannon said...

That is so awesome that you made bread for Easter weekend! What a wonderful way for you and Justin to spend time together Jamie!

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Batman vs Superman Suzie! It definitely was the movie of the weekend, it felt like have of the posts I saw on Facebook were specifically about it! I have a feeling I'll like it too :)