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Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10. 2016


Yesterday it was such a treat to get back to co-working with Tanya, especially by the fireplace and with the company of cats! It's been so long that we spent most of our time catching up but that did include business chats and so I think it totally counts ;)


I did a second pass through my DVDs today and wow, it feels really weird. I wasn't quite sure if I was done and if not, what else I could do or wanted to do. It's still a bit sticky, but this is a set that I'm likely keeping because when I came up with some parameters of what to keep one was "if it makes me smile". These are all ones that make me smile. That was enough to get them through round 2.


Yesterday the dreaded happened. My findings box fell over and stuff went everywhere! Such teeny tiny components went all over my floor and got completely disorganized within the box too. After it happened I just went for a quick walk to help my spirits and then came back and dumped it all in the box. It was so disheartening and depressing it ruined my whole day. I also dropped a cookie sheet three times, had a beverage I was photographing get knocked over and spilled all over my kitchen floor. What a total crap day.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

What a range of things make you smile, Shannon! That's awesome. I can see how having some parameters can really help with the decision-making process. You're doing so great!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh what cute cats! And so smart to hang out by the fire. Glad you and Tanya could get back together again Jamie, that's awesome.

It's true, smiling it good Shannon. Interesting to see what ended up in that pile!

Late add from me.

Shannon said...

Cats by the fire! They are so sweet :) That's so cool you got back o co-working with Tanya, and it's always nice to have a catch up ... and it totally counts! Of course!!

Oh Suzie, that sounds like quite the day. I can totally understand, and when stuff like that happens.... especially when it keeps happening throughout the day, it's so tough. That's when I curl up with a book or watch a bunch of stuff, the less to interact with the lesser the chance it will keep happening!

The parameters for the movies have really helped, even if some of my categories are totally made up. It shifted a bit in me from feeling like UGH why is there still so much? To HEY! I LIKE these ones. A Lot. After this I'm scared to tackle books!