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Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015


The big activity yesterday was taking Shibumi to the vet. Out of nowhere her eye was irritated and she was mostly keeping it closed. We noticed it the night before and did a good job with gentle wiping and it was much better this morning but still, I thought we needed to go. I'm glad I did. She'll be just fine but she did get eye drops that will help her heal up. Our vet told us that kittens don't have fully developed immune systems yet so it's good to be careful with things like this.


Another season of Deadliest Catch has come and gone, and I can't quite believe it! I feel like the season was really short this year, but that might be because they had episodes back to back to close it off. I continue to love the show, and The Bait, which was always a great laugh. It does amazing me that some people have been on for 11 seasons. I really enjoy watching it and am amazed at how far so many of the people have come, it's wild to see. I hope it's renewed again so there will be more next summer!


Despite having one of the worst nights of sleep in my life's history (that's saying a lot) I was very happy to be in and out of the house and get my blood work done within a 15-minute span of time. The places is around the corner from me and I had no wait. Absolutely amazing. When I think of the time I have wasted waiting to get blood work done in Nova Scotia… Anyway! Yay! Blood sugar has been tested and now I can relax about medical stuff until next week. Woohoo!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, that show has been around a long time, Shannon. And what a treat to have a big 3-hour finale when you really love a show!

Oh, Suzie, that's great that your blood work could be done so quickly and so close! Yay to not having to worry about medical for a bit. I hope you get a good night's sleep soon.

Suzie Ridler said...

Ah poor Shibumi! I wonder what happened? I'm glad you took her in Jamie although I am not sure she agrees, LOL. But she will get over it. The kittens have come such a long way! I think they know you're taking care of them in the end.

What an epic ending Shannon, three hours! What a treat. I feel like you are part of their family now. I hope it comes back too.

Thanks Jamie! I got six hours of sleep last night so I'm doing a bit better and am so glad that medical stuff is done for now. It's crazy how much I love our neighbourhood.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks, Suzie. It's funny because I almost think that all of this going to the vet has made them really appreciate coming home! Shibumi forgave me in no time and was full of cuddles quickly, which was such a relief - especially because now we have to give her eye drops!

Shannon said...

Awww, Shibumi. She looks so small in the carrier! It sounds like taking her to the vet was the right thing to do, I had no idea kittens immune systems are at 100%. You are such a good kitty mom, Jamie!!

That is so amazing to get bloodwork done so quickly Suzie! I have never had it that fast ever. Sorry to hear sleep is still being challenging, I hope that you sleep well tonight!

It was such a treat to watch the 3-hour finale, and I really do feel like I know all the folks on the show ridiculously well. Imagine watching Big Brother with the same cast every year for 11 years, but in the span of 3. CRAZY.

Suzie Ridler said...

I'm so glad you were quickly forgiven Jamie!

Wow, that's a reality check indeed, 11 years with BB on the ocean!