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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015


One of the things it was very exciting to come home to was my Brave Box from Brave Girls University. I decided to treat myself to this monthly treasure box for a little while because I, like so many, have been craving some tangibles. What a treat to have a cup of tea and open up this box, discovering flash cards, pins, scrapbooking papers and more. I've already used some in my journal and it looks fab.


I don't often post a picture simply of meat, but ... I think the chicken last night was warranted. I just made the regular stir fry recipe, the one I've always used and know by heart, but somehow the chicken turned out just extra special. I might try and do it on it's own one time and see if I can get the same results.


Had the most amazing day yesterday! Talked to Jamie (woohoo!) and did a photoshoot of new items for my store. I have come to realize that I absolutely adore old school glamour. And I totally fell in love with taking these photographs. Made me want to buy my stuff!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That dinner was amazing, Shannon, especially the chicken! I hope you can recreate the magic - and that I can be there ;)

Suzie, as soon as I saw that photo I thought - Grandma could be standing right there wearing that. What beauty. It was a joy to chat with you yesterday and hear the the creative enthusiasm in your voice. You have definitely landed in a sweet spot!

Suzie Ridler said...

Yay for treats in the mail, they are the best, especially when they bring such inspiration to not only be creative and awesome but come up with your own version. Rock on Jamie!

Shannon, is the chicken so dark because of soy sauce? I am fascinated!

Jamie, that's amazing, because when I saw the big bead in the middle at Michaels I immediately thought of Grandma! I make a pair of earrings for myself and then decided to make a brooch with this one. I'll also be making a pendant too.

It was so awesome chatting Jamie and yay for happiness! It was great to talk while being in a good place in life and I always love talking with you. I still can't believe I didn't recognize your voice though.

Shannon said...

Tangibles are so tasty! I'm so glad you decided to get the Brave Girl Box Jamie, it sounds like it held so many awesome delights. And I'm glad you liked dinner!

Suzie, I think the chicken is so dark because of the soy sauce. It was combo soy sauce and chicken broth but I think it went pretty soy heavy by accident.

I'm so glad you are falling in love with taking photographs for your story Suzie! It sounds like this is such an exciting adventure for you and even picture is so beautiful. Woohoo!