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Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015


My Superfriends T-Shirt arrived!!! I'm so excited, although I don't quite remember it being this colour (I thought it was blueish grey). Anyhow, I'm gonna make it work, and make it ROCK! Fun times.


Somehow I found time and energy to make a couple of pendants for my store. What a terrible and horrendous week we had. I asked the lunar eclipsing moon to take away all the crappy bad energy and luck that we have been having. Time for good news and a good healthy an happy life.


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry to hear it was such a challenging week Suzie. I hope the moon did take that energy away! Good on you for getting some more done for the store, woohooO!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That t-shirt is awesome, Shannon! And though that colour probably isn't really in the Shannon roster, it sure makes all the other ones POP!!

Suzie, that's a gorgeous pendant. I hope the moon responds powerfully to your plea and that things shift easily, quickly and well.