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Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015


All plans and priorities took a shift when we ended up having to take Escher to the vet today for issues with his breathing. Even after medication, he wasn't doing well and so I had to pick him up and take him to the emergency clinic for another assessment and also to stay overnight. The day was truly filled with worry.


This moment of a tree and scaffolding really caught my eye when I was out and about. If felt so odd for the two to be coexisting get they looked so similar. Bizarre.


Because of the sadness of everything and being separated from Reg, I decided to go out to Michaels to pick up some supplies and invest in some tools. On the bus two women admired my earrings and were so impressed I made them. Of course they are just buttons I turned into earrings which I didn't say to them. Still, it's nice to know they made a positive impression. Just wish I had my Moo cards on me! I gave the woman next to me my foodie card instead. I felt like it was the universe saying, yes Suzie, people want what you make!


Shannon said...

That is so awesome you got compliments on your earrings while out and about. It sounds like this energy of jewelry is really speaking to people. It's awesome!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I love that shot. It looks so graphic. It would be very interesting to do a line drawing of that!

Suzie, I'm so sorry it's such a sad time. Our hearts are with you. I'm glad there has been a lot to infuse a bit of love and joy into your days. How wonderful to get that kind of acknowledgement about your earrings - from the women and the Universe! Yay!!

Shannon said...

I would love to tackle doing a line drawing of the pic! I don't think I've tried doing that from a photo before.

And wow, that's the place that's the number of the emergency vet magnets that you put on the fridge. That's wild you got to see it for realz. Of course it's not good that Escher was doing so poorly. I'm very glad he is much better now. I was going to say what a sweetie he is (and he is) but I just had to shoo him from chewing on something!