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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015


It was great to get back to Art Day though I totally went off the plan. Shannon clearly had fun creating envelopes a la Lynn Whipple and The Year of the Spark. I thought it would be great to create one for my journal for a bunch of the stuff I got on our trip but then ended up spending the whole time gluing mementos in! It was wonderful :)


So much excitement that I couldn't just share one picture. One of the bigs was setting up my new computer. Like all tech things, it takes longer than expected but wow it's so nice to have a computer that reboots in less than 2 minutes! Still on the learning curve, but happy to be there. It was also an awesome art day with lots of envelope making! Fun times :)


I went to D&D all on my own. It is amazing that just under a year ago I would get so tongue tied and scared going with Reg to help me figure things out and tonight I went with a new unfinished character that is a magic user which is extra complicated and had a blast. I chatted with everyone and laughed and asked for help and it was all good. I made a new Tiefling Sorcerer with uses Wild Magic and turned people asleep and then invisible, by accident. Including some of my own party members. I bought these new dice too. My character's name is Amber so the gold tone of the numbers worked great. I have been building up to this character for a very long time and she almost died in the first game. But she made it!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay! Congrats on the new computer, Shannon. That's very exciting. Yay you on getting it set up too. I'm glad we managed to work art day into the mix; there was so much going on!

Wow, Suzie, that's awesome. Congratulations on building your character and your confidence! That's fantastic that you could go and take part in that way. Sounds like not only your characters are brave!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I think that sounds like the perfect way to spend Art Day! Going off map can be lots of fun and rewarding and the timing perfect.

Shannon, I am so thrilled that you have a new computer. It is so exciting and yes, that stuff always takes a long time but it's worth it.

Thanks Jamie. It really is amazing how much has changed in a year. I now feel so comfortable with everyone and having fun. At first I was scared out of my mind. It has taught me a lot about hanging in with something even though it is uncomfortable and challenging.

Shannon said...

Hehe, Art Day was a bit free form this week! I had a lot of fun and was happy to be able to make some envelops and get some geometry fun going on, woohoO!

How exciting that you went to D&D on your own Suzie! Way to goooooooo!! And you had an unfinished character, wow, I don't think I could have done that. I think it's awesome you had some of your own part under your *that's* power.