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Friday, August 7, 2015

August 7, 2015


I'm continuing to have a wonderful time at art school! Yesterday we spent some time on critiques in the morning, which was absolutely helpful and inspiring, and then spent the rest of the day creating papers that today we're going to work on collaging. I feel like I could spend weeks and weeks and weeks exploring what I've been learning - and I hope to!


If I had been a moment earlier I would have gotten all three cats in this pic! And if I was a moment later it would just be Shibumi. It was a fun day to hang out with the cats and catch up on a few things, then watch the political debate. Fun times.


Another totally psycho-busy day! This time with doing 3 unboxing videos. No time for wardrobe change either because then I was out of the house and going to D&D which was a blast but I'm looking forward to having zero plans on Friday. By the way, this sour lemon gum was even more sour than the package suggests. I've never had to spit anything out on camera before!!! Not sure that will make the cut.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, I love this picture of Shibumi and Scout!! The hardest part of art school has been being away from the kittens. Thank you so much for sharing pictures!

Whoa, that sour, Suzie? I'm amazed. I love sour and usually things are way less than expected. I may have to try one of those! I'll look forward to your video - whether you include the spitting or not, hehe. I'm glad you had a good time at D&D!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, the class looks like such a dream!!! I am so happy to hear you feel you will be walking away with so much inspiration and knowledge this will be the beginning of a new phase of the collaging mourning for you.

Shannon, I am so impressed you could get a photo of the two cats who are so dark on that dark blanket.

Totally going to have to send you some Jamie, it's so crazy-sour! D&D was awesome. Only problem is, I wanted today to be a creative day but did too much yesterday. Got organized instead and napped. A lot.

Shannon said...

Wow Jamie, it sounds like this time at Art School has been absolutely fabulous. So much learning and so much to explore. It's always a good sign when it feels like you can do the exercises again and again and again!

I often will wear 1 outfit for several videos too Suzie! I look forward to seeing the unboxings! I hope the no-plans time went well :)